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Happy 26th Birthday to our fake maknae, Han Seungyeon #Happy2eun6yeonDay

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Happy Bday forever young (& beautiful) Seungyeonie

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Until i die, i will sing for you. Even though i’m lost of breath, wait and see, i’ll do it and show you.”
14.07.24 - happy birthday, han seungyeon! ♡

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While you’re wasting your time to ruin the mood of someone that you hate, I’m preciously, eagerly, spending my time with good people so don’t bother about it. Try to think it over. who is the one who really need to face the reality?

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 happy 26th birthday han seungyeon ☆

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Happy 26th Birthday, Han SeungYeon!

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Happy Birthday Seungyeon ♡

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